Customer Testimonials

Car, Truck, Mini Van, SUV Repair

" I took my truck to two different places in town, all the mechanics were green and didn't know what was wrong with it. I took my truck to Greg and he figured the problem out right away and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg!"......Brad Kent 12/16/08

"Greg has worked on my car for years. I trust him completely and he's never done me wrong!"......Michelle Frank 2/5/09

"Greg has worked on our vehicles for many years. When he left his former employer to open his own business, I was thrilled. Greg has always been a very honest mechanic who doesn't recommend work that isn't necessary. His quality of work is excellent as well as his reliability. What I value most is Greg's ethics; his integrity. I have and will continue to recommend his services to my friends and to anyone who wants an auto mechanic they can trust."......Peggy P. 4/3/09

"We discovered Greg and his lovely wife last year. We were convinced that we had a serious problem and went in prepared to have a huge bill handed over to us... (Been there, done that many times here in Parker!)Surprise - Greg was able to advise us, fix the problem and get us back on our way within hours - for a FRACTION of the cost we expected."......Ronda Spellman 7/7/09

"Thank You! You're the first place I've been that has treated me with respect and honesty about my car! I appreciate your technical ability of course, but more importantly your ability to explain to a very "low tech" single mom the "ins and outs of my car"; I can be safe and have piece of mind as well. You are the epitome of old fashioned, good service."......Vanessa J. 10/12/09

"I was referred to Greg's Auto Repair by a friend. I have never felt more trusting then after I talked with Greg. He told me the truth, was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He did an excellent job.‎"......Rebecca 4/7/09

"I got EVAP code printed out from an AutoZone Diagnostics. Talked to several other auto repair shops and they wanted to charge me $100+ for them to generate the same code. Called around and found Greg's Auto Repair and they checked it out for free. Which the EVAP ended up being blocked. Good honest people over at Greg's auto. I will always be their loyal customer."....‎..Sean 10/1/09

"Greg has been my mechanic for the last ten years.He has worked on several of my families vehicles, and I will never bring a car that I own to anybody else."......Bob H. 11/18/2009

"For many years my family and I have been trying to find a good mechanic who is honest. I think that many mechanics know what they are doing, however, they are not the most honest because they want to make the money, sometimes taking advantage of unsuspecting customers and doing unnecessary work. I found Greg's Auto Repair upon recommendations from the tire guys at Costco (Park Meadows). We have been using Greg's Auto Repair for the last year for many of our needs - oil change, alignment, battery and brake replacements, and other work. Greg has been absolutely great to work w/. If he sees any work that needs to be done or parts replaced, he makes suggestions. We have never been pressured to use him or his shop for the work. Now, not only I use Greg for my cars, my family uses Greg for their cars as well, and all of us have been happy w/ his workmanship and service. It is not hard to find a good mechanic, but it is very hard to find an honest mechanic. We glad we found Greg and his shop." ......B. Nyamaa 9/21/2010